Duration1.5 hours
No. of students8

As parents ourselves, we all want our children to ace the upcoming PSLE this year. We believe that parents’ role is crucial to the academic development of a child. We all do our best to coach or teach them, but in reality, due to our daily work commitments, it is often not enough.

This is where a good PSLE tuition centre is needed. To make sure your child is getting the supplemental education he or she needs not only to pass all the exams but also to impart lifelong values of learning.

Our PSLE English Tuition in Singapore is a comprehensive and integrated programme to prepare your child for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) this year.

This programme is designed to sharpen your kid’s language proficiency through progressive trainings while incorporating our unique methods. Our English teachers help your child navigate the PSLE with ease and confidence.

In this PSLE focused English programme, we will cover:

  •  Situational Writing
  •  Continuous Writing
  •  Vocabulary Cloze
  •  Visual Text Comprehension
  •  Grammar Cloze
  •  Editing for Grammar & Spelling
  •  Comprehension Cloze
  •  Synthesis / Transformation
  •  Reading Comprehension
  •  Listening Comprehension
  •  Reading Aloud Oral
  •  Stimulus-based Conversation

Our English tuition programme is especially designed to equip your child the knowledge and skills he/she needs to achieve the best results in the ever-changing PSLE English syllabus.

Through engaging lessons, fun challenges and continued practice, your children will be more comfortable and confident. This will make way for better learning and a more enjoyable experience for your kid. We believe stress is a major factor that keeps our kids from giving out their best. If they enjoy the classes, they’ll surely improve much easier.

We made it our mission to provide a good English tuition centre for learners where they can continue to nurture their innate joy of learning.

Our classes are held in a great location near Orchard road and are limited to small groups, so you can be sure your child is closely monitored by our experienced tutors. This also means that our tutors can immediately spot learning gaps and adjust their teaching method to tailor suit your child’s learning ability and style.

Let us help relieve your own and your child’s stress, sign up your kid for our PSLE English Tuition now.

At English First, your child is our responsibility. Click here to sign up for a trial class if you want to know more.