Duration1.5 hours
No. of students8

With the high demands of English language at the secondary school level in Singapore, it is important to continue the support for your child’s language skills. To expand and broaden their knowledge about different areas of English language arts.

Our lower secondary English training programme will focus on general knowledge, critical thinking, deepening of communication skills, editing common grammatical errors and exam skills. We also impart lifelong knowledge on the application of the skills they learned both at school and in life.

This group English programme for secondary students will cover:

  •  Editing
  •  Situational Writing
  •  Continuous Writing
  •  Reading Comprehension
  •  Summary Writing
  •  Listening Comprehension
  •  Reading Aloud Oral
  •  Stimulus-based Conversation

As specialised language educators, we believe that each tuition classes should not be intimidating and overwhelming. We set achievable milestone goals but still challenges them to excel in their own way. This way we let them discover the purpose of each goals and develop a passion for the language. When they realise all this, their learning journey will become more effective and enjoyable.

We know you only want the best for child and with that, we know our secondary school English tuition programme is what you are looking for. Because as we say it here, we build on your child’s success.

We made it our mission to provide a good English tuition centre where they can continue to nurture their innate joy of learning.

Our classes are held in a great location near Orchard road and are limited to small groups, so you can be sure your child is closely monitored by our experienced tutors. This also means that our tutors can immediately spot problem areas and adjust their teaching method to tailor suit your child’s learning ability and style.  

Let us help relieve your own and your child’s stress, sign up your kid for our Lower Secondary English Tuition now.

At English First, your child is our responsibility. Click here to sign up for a trial class if you want to know more.