Duration1.5 hours
No. of students8

The coming GCE O Level exams are getting near. And for many kids and parents, it is a time of stress, worry and anticipation. Fortunately, we now have effective ways to relieve you and your kid of those stress.

Our GCE O Level English language Programme for aims to help you, parents, to prepare your child for the obstacles ahead so you and your kid will feel confident when the time come. Just keep in mind the O level exams are designed to challenge students, not to make them fail. So, don’t worry too much.

English First’s O Level English tuition is aligned to the format of the GCE O-Level English Language syllabus. This enables us to develop a strategy that produce excellent results. We encourage our learners to not just aim for a pass but to target a better goal which is to ace the exams.

This GCE O Level English Tuition programme covers:

  •  Editing
  •  Situational Writing
  •  Continuous Writing
  •  Visual Text
  •  Narrative/Recount
  •  Non-Narrative Text
  •  Summary Writing
  •  Listening Tasks
  •  Note-Taking Exercise
  •  Reading Aloud Oral
  •  Spoken Interaction

At English First, we do it differently. By equipping them the knowledge and using the learner-directed approach, we empower them to own their learning by using what they’ve studied and apply it themselves. We give structured but honest feedbacks to improve determination and openness between our learner and teacher. This paves the way for a clearer path and workout a game plan to achieve better results.

Our English tuition centre near Orchard road offers a safe, cozy and conducive learning environment that contributes to improved learning experience of your child.

Our O Level English language course is limited to small group sizes to ensure that your child is given enough attention. This also enables our tutors to recognize and address problem areas in your child immediately. Because our tutors are highly qualified and experienced, they can quickly adjust their teaching style to match your kid’s learning ability and style.

With that, we can confidently say we’re right for you and your kid, because in here we build on your kid’s success.

Let us help relieve those stress off of you and your child, sign up your kid for our GCE O Level English Tuition now.

At English First, your child is our responsibility. Click here to sign up for a trial class if you want to know more.